Happy October everyone!! Wow how quickly this month has gone! With so many exciting things happening, I wanted to take a moment to share with everyone what has been going on here at the Library! For starters, we served about 20-25 this month which is INCREDIBLE!! Each and every child that we have had the chance to work with has been such a wonderful opportunity! We have been working with about the same 10 younger kids who are ranging from K-5th grade and we are also serving about 7-8 older kids in 6th-12th grade as well! Our volunteers have been so incredibly consistent and getting to build relationships with the children as well as with the atmosphere of the library! We have been doing a lot of homework help, mentoring, and just being here for the kids when they want to come hangout and talk about their day with us! The kids have been enjoying the time they get to spend with their homework and once they have finished they feel accomplished and excited to get to engage in games and activities for the remainder of the afternoon! Overall this has been a great month here at the Downtown Statesboro Library and I am looking forward to see what November brings our way!


Courtnie Nikitaides


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